What Is Soaking?

About Soaking...A 700 Club Article with Marguerite Evans...

The farther we travel on this amazing journey, we have realized that soaking is something that really has to be “caught” through experience rather than merely “taught” by precept. As we turn our gaze upon Him and let go of any preconceived agendas, we co-partner with Him to create a limitless space for the tangible presence of a limitless God to be released through ordinary human vessels.

Oftentimes, we have a concept that soaking is solely God’s communication and/or impartation to man, which can become a more passive view. However, soaking also includes our active response to and participation with Him. It is not just worship.  Sometimes it is intercession. Sometimes it is intense heart cries to the Father for more of Him. Other times it is hearing what He is saying and releasing His heart through a song sung over an individual or in a corporate meeting. Many times we experience deep healing, both emotionally and physically, from just being in His presence. Some of our most profound encounters have come through the silence, when God’s awe-inspiring essence overwhelms us on deeper and deeper levels.

Because we are interfacing with a God Who is infinite in expressing His creativity, mere words cannot fully define what “soaking” is to us. However, the common thread that runs throughout is that soaking is all about relationship with our Daddy God, our Husband, Jesus, and our Friend, Holy Spirit.  When we know Who He is in us and who we are in Him, we are freed to commune with Him and Heaven is able to touch earth through us and create a living highway for His manifest presence to be released. Our hearts are to simply go where He goes, do what He is doing, and say what He is saying.